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Each activity will generate it own typed service. Each service will have the flowwing operation defined

LogCompleteActivity(string activityId, <CustomType> customData)

This operation will begin a new activity using the activity-id  sent in as a parameter. It will then update the activity with the values in the custom object send in as the data parameter.

This operation should be used in cases where the goal is to log a single tracking line and all data is available at that moment. 

BeginActivity(string activityId)

Will begin an activity and wait for further updates.

UpdateActivity(string activityId, <CustomType> customData)

Requires that a started activity (using the BeginActivity) an adds the data to the active line. Will use the custom-data object to update as many data elements as available.

EnableContinuation(string activityId, string continuationToken)

Creates an continuation token to use in following activity logs to be correlate several log events to a single line.

AddActivityReference(string activityId, string referenceActivityName, string referenceActivityId)

Makes it possible to add a reference to an other activity.

AddReference (string activityId, string referenceType, string referenceName, string referenceData);

Adds a custom reference to a URL, or other type of short texts.

AddLongReference(string activityId, string referenceType, string referenceName, string referenceData, string longReferenceData);

Adds a custom reference to a URL, but also has the possibility to add longer blocks of content as XML etc.

EndActivity(string activityId);

Ends and completes and activity.

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